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Welcome! I´m happy you are coming on these unique websites about pay rates in public sectors, for example in education or health or security systems of various countries: PayRate.org I hope you will find here what you are looking for or even more :-).

Purpose of PayRate.org

I personally believe in universal human rights to education, health care or security. I believe that good teachers, nurses, policemen and other employees deserve good pay. Public sector is not less important than the private one. And as well as big businesses operate worldwide, working people should cooperate worldwide too. For example, we can compare our successes and inspire each other when we negotiate better working conditions.

Millions of visitors

Since 2014 I have been working on a similar project exclusively about pay rates in the Czech Republic https://kupnisila.cz. This local project has now reached 3 millions visitors per year and it has helped many employees. I hope the global project will be even more successful.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Which analysis would be helpful for you? What is new in your country regarding collective bargaining and future pay rates? Do you think I have made a fault anywhere? You will motivate me if you will write comments below my articles. And of course, I would be glad if you shared direct link to the website https://payrate.org anywhere: on your website, social network or where you want.

Thank you!


Petr Woff
independent journalist
Europe, Czech Republic

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